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If you really feel like:WoW Power Leveling
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Příspěvek #228469 Zaslal: 16.04.11 04:32    Předmět: If you really feel like:WoW Power Leveling Citovat

If you really feel like:WoW Power Leveling
It's fine and good to be involved wow power leveling in your pastimes, to enjoy them, to care what happens in them. I mean, you're paying to play, wow power leveling you should be engaged. Otherwise, why play? There's a line between enjoyment and caring about what you're involved wow power leveling n and going too far into myopia, obsession and even outright overreaction. A sparkly pony that doesn't fly any faster than the fastest mount you already have is not going to ruin the game. You're free to not buy it, and if you do buy it, it's a fun, cosmetic option only. It's a purely discretionary wow power leveling purchase. It provides no in-game benefit that in any way would change your gameplay. If your wow power leveling class seems behind the curve as DPS or heals or a tank, if you fdshfuy1aq really feel WoW wow power leveling Power Leveling like the latest patch or expansion is going to hurt your gameplay, if you're desperate for a worgen paladin and Blizz just won't give you one, it's fine to be concerned and to express that concern. It's fine to care. But just as it wouldn't be fine to throw your hamburger on the ground and unleash a stream of profanities because they put pickles and onions on it when you ordered it plain, and it wouldn't be fine to call the cable repair guy a string of expletives and suggest that he fornicate with the reanimated corpse of a famous TV horse because you can't get TIVO in your area, it's not fine to froth at the mount because arms DPS is low, or Dispersal is getting a two-minute cooldown. You are not the Hulk, and even if you were? Going big and green isn't going to get you seated at a table any faster, Kalgon.
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